There is a story

behind every flavour

About us

Located in Vancouver, specializing in micro-batch artisan gelato & sorbetto

After years of working at Bella Gelateria, Salvatore Boccarossa has now started his own gelateria.

His creativity is boundless. Passione Gelato serves up both classics and unconventional gelato flavours, while preserving the craft of Italian gelato making.

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Our Process

Serving you nothing but the best

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Our offerings

Inspired by local seasonal & global flavours

"This ice cream place is unreal!"
"If you like gelato, this is a must visit."
"The best gelato place in town!"

Our flavours are inspired by seasonal ingredients, sourced locally and internationally. Dairy-free options are always on the menu.

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Passione Gelato Vancouver Pint Care Tips Vancouver
How to Preserve
your pints
for a longer time!
The story behind BC strawberry dairy free sorbetto gelato
The story
behind the flavour
BC Strawberry
Artisan Gelato Vancouver Passione Gelato from Parq Casino
Discover our micro-batch
gelato making
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