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gelato making process

We make everything from scratch

1. Preparation

We prepare all of our fresh ingredients in-store and by hand. Mangoes are peeled, tea is steeped, nuts are cut. We believe that the best gelato is made from the finest ingredients.

2. Pasteurization

The milk goes through a process called pasteurization, where it is warmed up to 85 degrees. the level of bacteria will lower and the milk then becomes homogenized. Stored at 4 degrees for 5-6 hours.

3. Emulsification

Emulsifying and blending together the ingredients, ensuring that the components are mixed in equally.

4. Batch-Freezing

Batch freezing is done at approximately -8 degrees, where the liquid mixture goes through a 10-15 minute process, solidifying into the silky, creamy, smooth gelato you love!

5. Resting

The gelato then goes into the resting stage where it is stored at -18 for a few hours to give time for the flavours to become more prominent, before storing it in our Italian pozzetti counter - keeping the gelato fresh.

6. Serving

All of our gelato is freshly scooped and served at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream at between -10 to -14 degrees.