The story

behind the flavour

BC Strawberry

The story behind BC strawberry dairy free sorbetto gelato

A flavour that represents our province's sweet nectar

The first thing that most people say when they take a bite of our sorbetto is often "It tastes exactly like the fruit - in ice cream form"! We love hearing this.

With every fruity flavour we create, we process the fruits and want to honour its best properties (aka its flavour) so that it can fully shine in the flavour! And of course, being British Columbia residents - we can't skip out on one of our most prized treasures - BC Strawberries.

This province is known best for its incredible strawberries. With over 40 growers and 600 acres of fertile Fraser Valley growing these, we source our berries each year from our friends at Mandair Farms.

Fun Fact: BC strawberries are known to be great for your health, and are very high in vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants. They have only 55 calories per cup, 0 cholesterol!

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About the process

Through our process, we cut our BC strawberries into quarters, then emulsify it into our dairy free mix. With our fruit flavours, over 50% of its content is the fruit in its entirety! We do not skimp out. Again, because we want to allow the fruit to shine through in every way possible.

In our recipes, we put a big emphasis on making our dairy-free options almost, if not just as smooth as our creamy, silky gelato. This requires meticulous testing and quality assurance to achieve. And according to you... we have succeeded!

Here's a behind the scenes video of our BC Strawberry flavour.

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