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Tips for keeping your pints fresh for longer.

With the cooler months coming, we know that you want to be able to be cozy at home - enjoying your pint of gelato. We got you!

As you may already know, freezers at the gelato shops are warmer than your usual household freezers, which affects the gelato’s texture. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your gelato at home the same way though! This week, we have a series of tips for you which can help you preserve your gelato pints better and longer at home.

Tip #1

Store the gelato pints closer to the back of the freezer. Opening and closing the freezer changes the temperature of the contents inside. The more frequently the pint’s temperature changes, the more often the gelato will need to refreeze if it’s stored near the door.This can affect the texture of the gelato, as ice crystals are more likely to form when it is refreezing. By keeping the gelato stored in the back, the temperature remains more stable. This way, you can preserve your pints for a longer period of time.

Tip #2

Changing the temperature of pints’ content can affect its smooth, creamy texture. The more frequently you thaw and refreeze the gelato, the more you end up tampering it. Which in turn, changes the composition and increases the chances of ice crystals forming in your tasty treat.

With that said, we highly recommend scooping only what you plan on eating in one sitting out of the pint into a bowl. The longer you leave a pint out at room temperature, the more likely crystals will form when refreezing, resulting in that icy, frosty texture.

Scoop out what you plan on eating only, then return the pint back into the freezer as soon as possible. This way, you can preserve your Passione Gelato pints for longer.

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These are tips that we practice at home too, and encourage our friends to do! It helps keep the gelato smooth.

Tip #3

Thaw your gelato at room temperature before eating it to get a more similar experience as when you get it fresh at the gelato shop! Our gelato freezers are slightly warmer than household freezers. By letting your scoop of gelato to warm up a little, it softens.

That’s it for pint care tips this week! We hope that these were helpful for you and your gelato pints. Let us know if these were helpful when you try them out 🍦

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